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Unsere letzte Nacht im Bohnengold mit Jonas Lion als Gast ist noch gar nicht so lange her, doch schon diesen Donnerstag sind wir (ab 22.30 Uhr) wieder zurück in der Reichenberger Straße 153. Dieses Mal freuen wir uns auf Lt.Dan aus Tel Aviv, der derzeit in Berlin gastiert und in dieser Nacht ab etwa 1 Uhr ein DJ-Set zum besten geben wird. Was ihr davon in etwa erwarten könnt, verrät euch Dan persönlich in unserem Plattentaschen-Check.

Flyer Bohnengold

I am fully aware that the picks are more electroish (in different ways). The reason I’m choosing this sound is because I feel that this sound is not respected enough in Berlin, and I’m always very surprised how people enjoy it on the dancefloors, when it’s not called electro.

Headnoaks – System Neuroscience EP (Blackred)

I really like this release, and the way it grows on me. I always had a weak spot for good electro, and this release from the Leipzig label Blackred totally fits in. Variations of synths, acid and funk, topped with atmospheric drama, like “7 Skies”.

Various – Wild Edits 001 (Days Of Being Wild)

This rare piece of wax is the the only edits collections the London based label Days Of Being Wild has ever released, with unique edits by the Tel Aviv duo Red Axes taking care of Front 242 – “Special Forces” and my favorite edit of T21 & The Beta Evers – “Personal Feelings” by Club Bizarre.

Various – UV LTD 01 (Uncanny Valley)

The first Uncanny Valley LTD1 with my favorites by Mayan Gold’s “Intergalactic Traveler” and the B1 more experimental (and also mental) Selfcontained – “#23” which is very challenging on the dancefloor, so I keep if for special occasions only.

Fotos: Ben Palhov / Anton Zak