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Nick Holder & Gratts

In der Regel fängt es mit Warm-up-Gigs bei jedem DJ einmal an. Doch auch später nach den ersten eigenen Partys, größeren Bühnen und sogenannten Peak-Time-Slots, spielt man diese hin und wieder immer noch gerne. Besonders dann, wenn nach einem ein Lieblingsproduzent oder -DJ das musikalische Ruder übernimmt und man sich nach seinem Set direkt von den Decks auf die Tanzfläche begibt. So wird es diesen Samstag wohl auch dem belgischen Wahlberliner und Ensemble-Mitbetreiber Gratts gehen, der im Suicide Circus bei der nächsten „Arms & Legs“-Party das Warm-up für die kanadische House-Legende Nick Holder übernimmt. Anlässlich dessen selektierte Gratts für Ashore seine zehn beziehungsweise elf Lieblingstracks von Mr. Holder. Obendrauf verlosen wir 2 Gästelistenplätze und stellen fest, dass es für uns einiges nachzuholen gibt in Sachen Holder-Geschwister und DNH Records. Achtung, Discogs-Wantlist-Futter incoming!

Throughout the years, Nick Holder has been responsible for hundreds of tracks released on his own label DNH and sublabels (DNH actually stands for „David Nick Holder“ aka both the Holder brothers) as well as Bristol’s NRK, K7 and many more. The Canadian DJ and producer’s groovy, club ready brand of house music has since then found its way into many DJs‘ record bags. As I will be playing an opening set before Nick Holder in Berlin this coming Saturday at Suicide Circus, I decided to compile a little selection of personal favourites. Not an easy feat considering his extensive discography, but here we go. In no particular order:

Toronto Track Company – A Word From Mr. Prince (DNH Records, 1999)
Just before Mr. Prince died, a reissue of this one appeared in record stores. Solid party track that samples a Prince interview, catching the purple one in a good mood, all jokes and stuff.

N. Holder feat. Sacha ‎– Journey (D. Holder Rmx) (off "Journey" / DNH Records, 2002)
This one features the beautiful vocals of Sacha Williamson with Nick’s brother David remixing it into perfection. Smooth jam that always seems to put the dancefloor under an ecstatic spell of love, smiles and hugs.

Nick Holder – Planet S (off "No Sell Out EP" / DNH Records, 1995)
Nick delivering an elegant techno groove. Minimal yet powerful.

Nick Holder – Take That (off "Grand Theft EP" / DNH Records, 1996)
Feelgood disco house track with cheeky samples taken from Shalamar’s "Take That To The Bank".

Ron Allen – Tonight (off "Hooked On Tracks" / DNH Records, 1994)
Ron Allen delivering a beautiful song driven by his own great vocals. Romantic house music by an amazing songwriter.

Nick Holder & Kaje Present Trackheadz ‎– Feel (NRK Sound Division, 2006)
Contender of my most played Nick Holder tune ever. Teaming up with regular collaborator Kaje (aka Kevin Johnson) to form Trackheadz, together the two present a more melodic and less sample based output. The single-sided NRK promo is the one you’re after here, containing the much wanted instrumental, the best version of the track.

The Track Addicts – A Place Not 2 Far (off "Track Addicts Vol. 2" / DNH Records, 1996)
Classic Nick Holder vibes. Great samples, playful groove, impossible to stand still to this gem. Unfortunately, the Discogs gang also knows, so grab FCL’s "In The House Sampler" if you desperately want a vinyl copy without going bankrupt.

D. Holder – Untitled / N. Holder – Take Me To… (off "HisStory EP" / DNH Records, 1999)
There’s some confusion about the precise title of this track. On the "HisStory EP" it’s featured as David Holder – "Untitled" (the B2 cut), but it sometimes appears listed as Nick Holder – "Take Me To Paradise" (which makes sense as that’s what the vocal sample says). Whatever the track may be called, it’s a warm early evening jam that I dug up on a little digging trip in the South of Spain.

Nick Holder – Black Jazz Number #5 (off "Payin‘ Dues EP" / DNH Records, 2001)
Smooth jazzy house track in his ‘Black Jazz’ series that popped up on various 12 inches throughout the years. In 2008 13 of these jazzy workouts got compiled on a digital album with the same name. Also worth a mention is "Black Jazz You’re Gonna Love Me" off Nick’s "Underground Alternatives" LP on NRK.

David Holder – Fantasy (off "Tracks R Us" / DNH Records, 1996)
While "U It Is" (based on ESP – "It’s You") and "Yeah" caught my ears first, it’s the peak time magic of "Fantasy" that I keep getting back to. I’ve been slamming this one all over the place and it never fails.

Bonus: Nick Holder – Player 1 (off "The Other Side" LP / NRK, 2003)
This crisp and gorgeous mid-tempo groover, again co-written by Kaje, shows a different, perhaps more mature production side of the two.

Wir verlosen 2 Gästelistenplätze für die Party im Suicide Circus am 4. Juni. Schickt uns einfach bis Samstagmittag eine E-Mail mit dem Betreff "Arms & Legs".

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Arms & Legs mit Nick Holder, Daniel Steinberg, Terry Lee Brown Jr, Gratts
Suicide Circus, Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin
4. Juni, Samstag, 23:59 Uhr