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Einige der besten Clubs in Berlin-Neukölln gibt es zwar erst seit ein oder zwei Jahren, aber gerade ebendort habe ich schon die tollsten Leute kennengelernt. Eine davon ist DJ Fart In The Club, die sich früher auch 2shy2dj nannte, dieses Problem aber inzwischen zum Glück hinter sich gelassen hat. Ihren gleichnamigen Tumblr-Blog lege ich euch an der Stelle aber trotzdem ans Herz. Der wurde zwar schon ewig nicht mehr aktualisiert, ist aber genauso wie ihre DJ-Sets gefüllt mit tollen Tracks von Electro über House und Techno, Bassmusik sowie sogar Gabba. Was für drei Platten zuletzt in ihrer Sammlung gelandet sind, verrät uns DJ Fart In The Club jetzt und hier.

DJ Mayhem – Damage – Basement Records (1992)

I first heard the A1 of this record not so long ago at my first ever Wax Treatment party. I think I’ve never experienced my body absorbing that amount of bass from head to toe as I’m short and their Killasan soundsystem being massive. Fiedel was playing an excellent old school hardcore set that fits the soundsystem and this was one of many tracks that I was dying for. Already the breaks from Blames “Music Takes You” and the vocal sample from “Weight For The Bass” by Unique 3 in the beginning making me excited enough, the bassline that rolls in after fourty seconds made me instantly grab my phone and turn Shazam on. People tend to say, just live the moment but when the shit is too good, I wanna know what it is. Then comes in pretty genius use of brr stick’em sample and some obvious rave stabs, but it just works so well on the dancefloor bringing up loads of fun. Unfortunately Shazam didn’t know (of course) and luckily after a few months I managed to ID it somehow. Though it was bit pricey on Discogs so it has been sitting on my wishlist for a while. Then one drunk night it happened, like many of my Discogs purchases. No regrets. What can I say more? It’s a true ravers delight.

Dawl – Brutal Science EP – Pareidolia Recordings (2017)

Hailing from Essex, Dawl is one of the guys who runs the Tone Dropout series which is much sought after among breakbeat heads. Like his other releases on Tone Dropout, every track on this EP is pure banging, club ready. Bleepy breakbeat infused with throbby electro, plus quality pressing as well! My favourite cut on this wax is “The Key”. I like to use it as a transitional tool when I want to slowly shift the mix towards to darker direction. Because of it’s somewhat cheerful bassline, it still has a bright side but the other elements being in minor scale makes this track pretty neutral and versatile. So when I drop a dark electro track after this, the change isn’t too radical.

DJ Puppy – The Bright Side Of Life – Coolman Records (1994)

Marc Trauner, probably most well known as Marc Acardipane or The Mover, has almost 100 different oddball aliases including Pyscho Party, Alien Christ, Beethoven, DJ Full Nuts, The Pimp + Cru, Vibrator, etc. Among those, DJ Puppy was cute enough to capture my eyes. Yes, I basically bought this record because of the name. It turns out to be a gabber record and my musical knowledge of gabber is pretty much non-existent. But it’s not too harsh nor too progressive for my ears so I guess it could be fun to play during a hardcore, ghetto set. The A side is more of a joke and B side is also a joke but one that actually drives. I can totally see myself dropping this on the floor one day and either confuse or please the dancers.

DJ Fart In The Club

Eine Zeit lang nannte sich DJ Fart In The Club mal 2shy2dj. Dieses Problem hat sie aber inzwischen zum Glück hinter sich gelassen. Ihre DJ-Sets (zum Beispiel im Samehead oder der Urban Spree) sind gefüllt mit tollen Tracks von Electro über House und Techno, Bassmusik sowie sogar Gabba, und lassen die Digger zu Decksharks werden.