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Zur letzten House of Love-Party im Prince Charles hab ich meine Plattentasche aufgemacht, jetzt folgt die Fortsetzung mit Alison Swing. Sie spielt das Warm-up bei der nächsten Party am 22. Dezember, für die wir 2×2 Karten verlosen! Aber erst mal zu Alison: Sie hat ihre 3 Kurzen auf dem Rückflug aus Kalifornien geschickt und folgendes geschrieben:

I’m currently on my way back from a month long trip in Los Angeles playing up and down the coast which included a road trip to Tijuana in Mexico. One of my favorite things to do when playing in Mexico is stop by the Pacific Beach Vinyl warehouse in San Diego. Probably one of the best curated shops I’ve ever been to and for me really defines the wide range of sounds you hear in LA from daytime rooftop glittering disco edits to dark synthy late night warehouse chuggers (or as they like to say in my favorite category ‘classy bangers’). Here’s 3 of my top picks from this most recent trip.

Gerait – Room 110 – Sound Mirror (2017)

When I’m digging for records in a shop like this I always try to grab anything I don’t recognize to score gems. I thought this record was amazing from the second I heard ‘Summertime in Bockenheim’. Dark synthy warehouse vibes but still quite uplifting. Since moving to Berlin my taste has definitely gotten a little more trance-y and it’s been really exciting getting to explore that side of things – I can’t wait to play ‘Backyard Dreams’. ‘Ksuscha : Deep Dance’ is a really beautiful piece of emotive deep house as well!

Satoshi & Makoto – In A Corner of Asia / Tour Les Jours – Safe Trip (2017)

Ever since I went to the Safe Grill party at ADE this year I can’t stop listening to everything coming out on Safe Trip (Young Marco’s label). For me this record is perfect. ‘Tous Les Jours’ is a really driving but playful track. And then ‘In a Corner of Asia’ is a kind of disorienting harmonic track that has a nice build up that I can’t get enough of. I think this is going to have a long stay in my record bag!

Bastedos / Rune Lindebaek – I Just Wanna Boogie / Superman – Bastedos (2017)

Can you own too many disco edit records? I really don’t know maybe but I’m willing to find out. I couldn’t make a list without one! I love this record. Years ago when I visited Berlin for the 2nd time I went to The Lab at Berghain and saw Akirahawks play. I’d never heard hard disco before played fast like that and it really blew my mind. Ever since then I’ve aspired to play a set like that and this record is right in line with that. I love ‘I Just Wanna Boogie’. I’ve got this perfect late night/early morning moment in my head I’m waiting to play it at. I also love Rune Lindbaek and will probably pick-up anything with his name on it so this weird ‘Superman’ edit is a great addition.


Neben Alison Swing und mir spielen auch noch zwei alte Ashore-Bekannte bei House of LoveSan Soda und Charlie Smooth. Wer dabei sein will, schreibt bis Donnerstag eine E-Mail mit “House of Love” im Betreff. Die Gewinner bekommen eine Nachricht von uns. Viel Glück!

Alison Swing

Alison Swing ist gerade zurück aus Kalifornien, wo sie Resident und Mitgründerin der “Dig Deeper LA”-Partyreihe ist. Sie pendelt momentan zwischen Berlin und Los Angeles und ist ein absoluter Vinyl-Junkie. Sie sammelt Platten quer durch die Genres elektronischer Musik.